County Health Dept. ListView a list of all the County Health Dept contact phone numbers for Program Eligibility.Program Ins. Enrollment: 1-844-441-4422Call for help with enrollment in Insurance for the Program.Eligibility: 1-844-381-2327Call for help with Program Eligibility.
** Important Changes for 2024 ** Before completing the form, please read before enrolling.
Welcome To The Premium Assistance Program
Welcome To The Premium Plus Insurance Program

To receive benefitsBenefits include payments of monthly health insurance premiums and medication copayments.
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, participants must
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Miami-Dade Assessment There is a different enrollment process for residents
If the Primary Applicant lives in Miami-Dade County there is a different enrollment process
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or call 1-844-367-6535
ALL changes to income, address, or living situation, (i.e. marriage, divorce, adoption or tax filing status) MUST be reported to in addition to the program.
About The Program

Insurance Benefit Management Services

Participants MUST Enroll In Premium Assistance Annually. Enroll online at, over the telephone by calling 1-844-441-4422 or calling your County Health Department. This is REQUIRED even if you enrolled with an agent/broker, navigator, case manager, etc.

Enrollment and reenrollment in the premium assistance program is required prior to each calendar year regardless of the type of insurance enrolled in, including marketplace/Affordable Care Act (ACA), employer sponsored insurance, or COBRA.
Insurance Enrollment Assistance is provided by our partner American Exchange

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